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Shiki no Kyouken (Sabre of the Four Seasons)
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Myohu-kai presents an intense clash-of-swords game 2 years in the making.
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  • Release: Jun/04/2013
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Pickup!A great 1D fighting game focused on spacing and timing

Nov/06/2013   By Varq

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Note: I can't read Japanese, so I can't review story.

Shiki no Kyouken presents a strange approach to fighting games. The entirety of the action takes place along a 1D line making spacing and timing very important. More interestingly, the game only uses 3 buttons: movement, attack, and special. The gameplay involves both players moving on a line as points with their own respective attack "boxes". When the attack box overlap the opponent, the player can attack to deal damage. This sounds simple enough at first, but the opponent is trying to do the same. Also take into account that there are 57 different characters with their own movements, attack speeds, specials, parry time, selectable meter types, and upgradable stats.

Battles also feature a rock, paper, scissor element. For example, if P1's super meter (sunburst) were full and they pressed attack twice, they would do a super attack. During this time, a balance appears on each player's side with three kanji on them: Red (action) on one side, Blue (stillness) in the center, Green (movement) on the other side. Pressing attack tilts to the red, pressing movement tilts to the green. Pressing nothing centers on blue. In most situations, red > blue > green > red. If P1 holds attack, and P2 holds attack or nothing, P1 would deal damage to P2. If P2 were to hold movement instead, P2 would dodge it, avoiding the damage.

+Interesting gameplay
+A large character roster
+Great art, animation, music, and voice overs
+Lots of unlockable content (Characters, Cat ears, Music Room, Art Gallery)

Cons are the sometimes random outcomes and first player advantage, and some frustrating fights (Shikinseki in particular, but she is an optional boss). The game uses Flash tweening animations and has inconsistent voice acting, which are aesthetic issues.

Please note versus mode needs to be unlocked (only tutorial and story are available at the start).

I recommend this game to those who like fighting games. A second game is also in the works!

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