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monsters book
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Original monster artwork that may appeal to fans of fantasy games, etc.
Serial ProductRobotCrime/GangsterWarrior
  • Release: Apr/01/2013
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Pickup!Curiosity paid off!

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I was curious as to what the contents of this monster book was, seeing as there were no previews... and I had the points, so I thought, why not?

I was happy to find out that these artworks are way beyond what I expected to receive! And for such a cheap price tag.

The drawings are all black and white and there's a whopping of 70 pictures. They are very inspiring to look at. If you are an artist, looking for ideas for your next RPG monster related drawing - this is it. (But please respect the creator's copyright and don't go copying right off the bat!)

Next time I have some spare change, I'll have a look at the (currently available) two other monster books~ keep up the good work, artist! (And unless this is your niche move to keep your art hidden as if in a treasure box/like it would detract from sales - please show some previews! I bet it would get more sales!)

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