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[Pixel Materials] Triple Pack
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Adorable dot-graphic materials for creating games, icons, decorating your website, etc. (3 sets + exclusive bonus content)
  • Release: Oct/30/2013
  • DL: 66
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Pixel Materials Triple Pack

Mar/11/2018   By MaraReviewer Rank: 4

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Looking for larger character sprites, I bought this pack mainly because I was curious if the sprites from this artist would fit in RPG Maker MV and they do!

Without clothes or hair the sprites are around 76 x 33. Just notice that this pack doesn't contain a full character sheet. You will get the sprites with removable hair, expression and clothes like they are shown in the example.

Nonetheless this pack contains some very nice pixel art and if you're skillful enough you can always take the graphics as a basis and make your own character sheets.

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