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Murakumo Copyright-Free CGs 06 - Foreign and Future
$16.70 / 1,836 JPY  >> $13.35 20% OFF  / 1,468 JPY
Excellent high-detail background art. BMP / 1280x960 / See details
  • Release: Feb/16/2013
  • DL: 12
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Interesting and unique backgrounds

Jan/17/2018   By LaeliaReviewer Rank: 1

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These backgrounds are pretty different to what you'll find in a lot of background art sets.

Some of the colours seem a little odd/off but it doesn't really matter since you're free to edit them to suit your needs.

I mainly wanted this set for the jail backgrounds but I'm sure I can use the others in a project at some point. The airship backgrounds look really cool. I think you could use some of these are fantasy RPG locations too.

I recommend the set if you need this sort of scenery for your project.

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Fair backgrounds.

Jul/03/2013   By redpandagamesReviewer Rank: 3

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So, it's kind of hard to know what you're getting from the sample art.

A lot of Murakumo's work is similar where the detail is somewhat inconsistent. Although most of the work is complete, small parts of it look unfinished, or maybe a little smudged. It's hard to explain, but you'll notice if you look at the furniture or the airplane propeller.

It's good art. The city scene is a little disorienting, but it's still pretty cool. The airship is marvelous, but you should know that there are characters painted into the cockpit.

Other than a few jagged edges here and there, it would serve most indie game makers well.

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