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Murakumo Copyright-Free CGs 02 - City Home
$16.36 / 1,836JPY
Excellent high-detail background art. BMP / 1280x960 / See details
  • Release: Feb/12/2013
  • Purchased: 13x

Decent backgrounds for your game.

May/06/2013   By redpandagamesReviewer Rank: 3

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I bought the hospital set, so I also decided to grab this as well for a few filler scenes that I have.

Overall, I like them a little bit more than the hospital series, just because they seem a little bit cleaner, and with better line quality. However, some parts of the backgrounds, such as the curtains in the bedroom stand, stand out to me as slightly unfinished.

Also, you can probably tell from the pictures that the lighting is a little too bright in some backgrounds. Also, the saturation may be a little too high in a few of the scenes.

However, they are still very nice, but have a few rough spots, so I just gave it a 4 out of 5.

Also, I should mention that the scenes are somewhat more painterly compared to some of the other backgrounds that I've downloaded, so the style remains consistent across products.

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