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Sacrifice Girl -The Curse of Demon Snake- +Mini illust collection package [FoxEye]
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Sacrifice Girl -The Curse of Demon Snake- +Mini illust collection package
$2.92 / 324JPY
Underwater Horror Escape action game with illustration collection! Can she survive this cursed ocean area?
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  • Release: Feb/06/2013
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Not everyone's cup of tea

Aug/20/2017   By Komachi

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The basic premise of the game is very simple: You've been selected as a sacrifice to some kinda demon, try to survive and find your way out underwater. From the very first moment you're being chased by enemies and struggling to find air pockets. The game is mostly about exploration and puzzle-solving, although for me it was very frustrating because the puzzles are kinda hard (you won't get them at first try) and very, very easy to mess up, even if you know what you're doing. You have limited time to be underwater before you drown, and there are enemies (that are not always trivial to run away from) and environmental hazards, and getting hit will reduce your air, so if you get hit more than once while trying to solve a long puzzle you'll likely drown. You really have to visit areas multiple times, plan your exact route, and then execute it all perfectly and hope then game doesn't feel like being an asshole (like another monster popping up that you couldn't see before). But the AI for most monsters/environment is mostly predictable and the controls are tight, so if you like really hard games, this can be a good pick-up.

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Pickup!Breathtaking underwater Metroidvania


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I restored the game to its original difficulty before playing, so note that my description may not apply to the default (lowered) difficulty.

I wanted a hellishly difficult game of survival and exploration, and I got exactly that. The timing gaps are perfectly worked out so you'll be on your last breath more often than not, areas are complex and have interesting implicit puzzles, and each collectible is a challenge in its own right.

As gameplay goes, the controls are spot-on and perfectly responsive. This game poses a genuine challenge. There's not a hint of grind or slog about it, and you will be required to use your head. More than merely difficult, this game is really fun!

Aesthetically, the visuals are well-suited to the game, and there's more diversity than the introduction might lead you to expect; you'll reach different areas as you progress (still underwater, of course), with new threats around every turn. The music is fantastic and provides both wonder and tension. The voice acting (mostly just gasps or muffled underwater screams and squeals) enhances the whole experience.

The heroine is easy on the eyes. This developer has a tendency to present somewhat bad anatomy in their art, and this is no exception, but the included illustrations are otherwise well-drawn and appealing. Some are downright cute!

This is not an erotic game, obviously, but the heroine is minimally-clad in all of her appearances. If you enjoy seeing scantily-clad young girls run out of air or be devoured by monsters (the latter of which is not shown in detail), then this game will definitely suit your fancy.

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Pickup!Underwater gem

Nov/27/2016   By Neon HenchmanReviewer Rank: Top 50

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An underwater exploration, action, and horror game, more preoccupied by its atmosphere.

The labyrinthine caves, despite having some intended order, as you need to find items to delve further into the depths, are very open and heavily encourage exploration. Furthermore, the level design is pretty nontraditional, which isn't a problem; the solutions of the many puzzles are very elaborate and clever, enemies actually pose quite a threat on numerous occasions, and as oxygen is a constant issue, the air pockets and save points are laid out so that you're often on your last breath. The game's pronounced difficulty and lack of support make every discoveries feel rewarding.

But perhaps its best asset is its atmosphere. Whether you're swimming in the gloomy depths or being chased by the Demon Snake, the game is oozing with a strong sense of tension, which is rarely done so well, making it more of a timeless gem.

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and I'll be looking forward replaying it sometime in the future. The whole game can be played for free through the trial, but the Mini illustration set is a nice addition, and serves as another incentive to support the creator.

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Apr/28/2016   By BubblePet

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One of the better UW action/adventure/survival games on the market. The art style is interesting and the game play mechanics are very well done, albeit rare occasions where the "chase" music begins playing before the snake begins the chase.

A major achievement by FoxEye has to be found in their use of sound design. The BGM. while simple, is extremely effective at invoking tension and anxiety, and the struggles of the main character as she runs out of air, both visually and audibly increase this tension tenfold. I would be inclined to say it is more intense than Sonic's drowning theme, but that's just my opinion.

I will also add that the puzzles and level geometry also make for an interesting challenge, as while the snake's appearance seems unpredictable, and the map easy to get lost in, most of the puzzles have a really satisfying conclusion.

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