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A frenetic space shooter in the style of N*mco classic BOSC*NIAN! Created and presented by SPRITE.
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  • Release: Nov/11/2012
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Fun for score attack if you have spare time

Mar/03/2014   By xexedReviewer Rank: 7

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ZugyA is very much a score-based game, where you essentially play the same stage over and over, but it continually gets more and more difficult. You can fly in all directions and need to destroy a certain number of bases to reach the next level. It is fun and gets progressively more challenging. However, the game can be a little easy and slow for the first 10 levels, and I haven't found a level skip option (but perhaps there is one and I haven't found it). After that the challenge does start rising. Really I only wish there were more backgrounds. The star field background with colorful novas is beautiful, but it appears to be the only one and it would be nice if it changed every 5 stages or so.

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