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Hypnotic Audio - Kareshi Cleans Your Ears, Lulls You To Sleep
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Enjoy the very soothing, lullaby whisper of your gentle boyfriend as he tends to your ears. (CV: Zero)
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  • Release: Nov/03/2012
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Let your boyfriend clean your ears *_*! [by HypnoLife]

Mar/27/2013   By Yugiri

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This CD is basically about your boyfriend cleaning your ears and lulling you to sleep like the title already says. The product consists of some illustrations, noise cut and mp3. Each track goes about 20-30 minutes. So all in all about 3h. There's no bgm, so the whole situation becomes more real! Zero's voice is really calm and relaxing, thus the listener will immediately fall asleep! For those who like sensual ear cleaning highly recommended!!

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Pickup!Pleasant Surprise

Jan/30/2013   By Katie

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I almost feel guilty admitting how often I listen to this piece… I feel spoiled after listening to this circle’s work and nothing else seems to satisfy me! The audio quality is phenomenal--that damn 3D mic! The voice acting is also very professional and comfortable. I think this specific voice actor will most definitely and gently lull you to sleep. However, if you’re like me, you’ll be rolling around in bed at 3 am before passing out via a combination blood loss, seizures, and cardiac arrest when you realize someone is thoroughly licking oil off of your body.

(Correct me if I’m wrong... I dare you.)

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