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Good night darling*
Atelier Honey*
$4.94 / 540 JPY
Soothing bedtime audio. Natsuki Nogami lulls your body and heart to a deep, relaxing sleep.
SoftwareVoiceMP3Inc. VoiceTrial
  • Release: Jul/27/2012
  • DL: 36
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Pickup!Relaxing and soothing

Oct/22/2015   By CrisReviewer Rank: Top 50

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A great nightime audio bundle that include bed down themes, breathing excercises to help you slow down, and a (little) more lively waking up theme for the mornings.

Voice: beautiful, soft and calm; not high pitched, not too low, just perfect.

Audio: perfect quality for the ones who apreciate a high definition noiseless audio.

Excelent price: low average price for an above average product

Breathing action: a 15 minutes theme of Natsuki Nogami slow paced breathing sound that put you easily in the mood of sleeping

Good also for waking up in the morning: you can actually use the last track as clock alarm; you don't need to know japanese to understand that you should wake up!

Recomended :)

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