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Copyright-free BGM Vol.16 -School ADV Game Materials-
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Volume 16 is 20 BGM tracks, 5 musical effects and 30 sound effects themed for school sims.
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  • Release: Jul/10/2012
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Pickup!Awesome Selection and Quality Sound with Extras!

Dec/25/2012   By redpandagamesReviewer Rank: 3

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The musical effects are great! They are more like transitions that you could use between chapters or for intermissions, etc.

The BGM music is for the most part "merry" or "happy go lucky", but there are a few "humor", "horror", and "sad" tracks as well, so you can create a project with varied emotion.

There are also some bonus sound effects. Most of these are school bells or door bells, I think.

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Sep/10/2012   By BenqReviewer Rank: Top 50

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Fantastic music and effects, highly recommend. Contains everything you could possibly need to make a game set in a high school and the surrounding areas, from happy music to somber and sad music, it even has spooky horror type music too if you wanna do a creepy scene at night or something like that, very happy with this purchase and look forward for more of the same from this user, will buy more for sure.

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