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Madoka Etoile
Genso Strauss
$14.37 / 1,620JPY
Over 20 staff have created the beautiful art and design of Genso Strauss 3rd title: magical girl puzzle action!
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  • Release: Jan/28/2012
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Pickup!Fun Fangame

May/06/2018   By ChiiReviewer Rank: 9

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This game is really fun and has a lot of effort put into it. It's basically lik those Match 3 puzzle games but with a twist. Combos take away from your soul gem and it's like a balancing act on keeping your gem clean and beating the enemy.

The voice acting is almost close and is decent. Just needs better quality.

If I were to have one complaint it's the fight against Walpugrisnacht at the end with Sayaka. I always die when I do enough combos just to put a dent on the enemy and she's clearly the weakest of all the girls. And it has been driving me insane.

Another probably sad thing is the site doesn't exist anymore but C'est Lavie.

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