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Yon Tama
Kamui Hiroshi
$0.96 / 108JPY
Daily life 4-panel comedic parody of G*n Tama.
  • Release: Dec/16/2011
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"Yon Tama" (4 Balls/Souls; pun on Gintama) is a 4-coma manga based on the Jump manga G*n Tama.

To start the art is rather good. It's a bit different from the usual style the characters are drawn in but this is a Doujin after all. The humor is where the comic really shines though. The situations and dialogue are really funny; from Hasegawa getting a smart phone to this comic's ironic take on the "Only BGM" scenes the anime does every half a year (ironic in that it's impossible for a comic to have a BGM only scene since there is no sound...); it's all just plain hilarious. The characters also all act exactly like they normally do in the real manga.

Finally one last advantage is that unlike most Doujin this has Furigana which to say the least makes it a lot easier to read for those of us that aren't proficient in Japanese.

In conclusion Yon Tama is a great take on the G*n Tama series. I'd recommend this to anyone whose a fan of Gintama.

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