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Team YokkyuFuman
$6.91 / 756 JPY
A school themed BL adventure game. Roam the halls of this private school of pretty boys.
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  • Release: Dec/08/2011
  • DL: 27


Jun/14/2012   By TatersReviewer Rank: Top 50

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Don't be thrown off by the art, this game is amazing!

Any fan of the BL genre will tell you that there are some stereotypes that are simply the backbone of these kinds of games. The dangerous playboy, the lone wolf, the childhood friend; these stereotypes were just begging to be made fun of. Gakuen Handsome not only pokes fun at the stereotypes, but also reminds a community of BL fans that there is more to a good game than fancy art and voice acting.

Gakuen Handsome refuses to take itself seriously, and every scene produces chuckles! So, get your buddies and maybe some drinks, 'cause this game should be played by everyone.

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