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IS Anthology
poco ae poco
$0.94 / 108 JPY | 10pt (Point 10%)
Omnibus collection of illustrations, manga, based on anime Inf*nite Stratos.
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  • Release: Nov/16/2011
  • DL: 2
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I S good

Dec/21/2011   By Taihen HentaiReviewer Rank: 5

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The total anthology is quite well made. My favorite is the third artist, mainly because the drawings look very cartoonish yet realistic enough to fit with the story of that set. The one artist that did not make a four panel comic, fikusipu, has a very cute style that is sooo moe! The total amount of work from all the different authors is an average amount, but i think that the number of authors could be lower, thus affording the others the chance to make a bigger comic or more drawings. All in all, i like this anthology, and the price tag makes it a good deal.

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