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Blue Whisper
in the blue
$0.96 / 108 JPY  >> $0.76 20% OFF  / 86 JPY
Fast tempo New Age solo vocal single
MusicMP3Inc. Music
  • Release: Nov/18/2011
  • Purchased: 2x

amazing, simply amazing

Dec/12/2011   By Taihen HentaiReviewer Rank: Top 50

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This song is a one of a kind find. The lyrics may need a bit of work, but that's what the instrumental is for. One of the best songs I have heard from DL site, I cannot stress that fact enough. The clarity in the song and the instruments are the main high points of this piece. The fast tempo just adds to the soft whisper aspect of the song, and the new age is an interesting change from what I usually listen to. For only $1.35, it's a steal for Japanese music. The one thing that I dislike about it is the large file size, but just that should not be enough to deter people from buying this.

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