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Copyright-free BGM FULL Collection Vol.4 [StudioKannazuki]
Copyright-free BGM FULL Collection Vol.4
$43.70 / 4,860JPY
Original music compositions for free use in games and other media. 1 lyric track, 8 short arrangements, 40 BGM tracks.
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  • Release: Oct/03/2011
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Pickup!Good Songs for Visual Novels

Mar/19/2012   By redpandagamesReviewer Rank: 3

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I bought this collection because I needed a theme song for my visual novel. There are three folders. The first folder has 20 tracks where most are about a minute or longer. The second folder has 20 tracks as well, but many of the songs are under one minute which is why I gave the product a "4" (out of 5) overall. In the third folder, you get different renditions of one song. I think the karaoke tracks that it offers are a good bonus because you can use them to have a karaoke contest.

The trial folders provide a good representation of what you're buying, so you can always try before you buy to make sure it's the right product for you.

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