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Super retro-flavor dot graphic shmup.
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  • Release: Aug/29/2011
  • DL: 48
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Pickup!A unique shmup that you shouldn't ignore!

Mar/15/2018   By Bludre

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Ring^-27 is a bullet hell type, in other words, a shmup with very large amounts of bullets on screen, but with a much smaller ship hitbox to compensate.

It use a rather uncommon g*meboy-like style for it's graphic. It's quite charming, but it can make it hard sometime to read the pattern, because of it's low resolution.

Along with 4 difficulties, it features more than 5 uniques modes (with unlockables!). But the scoring basic (which you'll need to earn extends) remain the same despite the differences :
- Shoot down enemies with the weapon you start with to earn blue gem;
- use your special to "lock" on an enemy (how it works exactly depends on the mode);
- while the lock is active, you temporarely gain the targeted's weapon. Also during that, shooting enemies will produce red gems and bubble red gem. They are the main source of points;
- using specials and locking an enemy consume your blue gems. Once it runs out, rank will increase, which affect bullet speed, so don't abuse it!
That's the main thing you need to know, but there's many more mechanics and hidden secrets to find!

The game can be tough to 1cc. Fortunately, it has a replay feature and a practice mode with an extensive range of options for training. It also has a boss rush mode among other interesting stuffs.

Lastly, I'd like to give a special mention to the amazing chiptune soundtrack that will keep you engaged for the whole run!
So, if you are a shmup fan, DON'T SKIP IT! It's well worth your investement!

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