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The 1000 Prayer Paradox
$17.76 / 1,944 JPY
"That day, I was killed by the hands of destiny." A looping Otome Love ADV. Relive today, to make it to tomorrow. [Full Voice]
GameAdventureEXEGirlsInc. VoiceInc. MusicInc. AnimeTrialOtomeProtectedComic Market 85
  • Release: Feb/01/2014
  • DL: 3

Average but solid.

Jun/24/2014   By 20:9

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I played the trial/free version, which unlocks all of Matsumoto's route, and liked it enough to buy the full version. Each route was independent of each other, which I liked, but they were too short; the writing could be expanded, though all the mysteries were clarified and answered.

System is excellent; you can comment on your save files, Tweet from the game, and adjust the volume levels for every character (which I had to make use of, since several characters were more quiet than others). I was comfortable with the art style, though some CGs were better than others. Soundtrack is excellent and fit all the scenes. The voices were actually quite good, and having the heroine voiced was a major plus for me.

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