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WallPapers vol.1 - Summer [HANYASU]
CG / Illustrations
WallPapers vol.1 - Summer
$0.97 / 108JPY
Shrine maiden illustrations (and other cosplay) fit summer and your desktop.
Shrine Maiden
  • Release: Aug/03/2011
  • Purchased: 2x

Good Wallpapers

Feb/08/2012   By Rodan_MasterReviewer Rank: 2

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This collections comes with 2 wallpapers: One of a girl dressed as a shrine maiden in the water and another of a girl in uniform holding a broom. Both of these pictures come in a lot of different formats and resolutions. Anyways both of these images are quite high quality and very beautiful. The girls in both are quite attractive. If you're looking for a good wallpaper I'd recommend this wallpaper collection.

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