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Moetama Z! -Mindmelting Exercises-
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Solve challenging puzzles and tricky questions as slung by a wicked-tongued heroine!
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  • Release: Jul/03/2011
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Feb/08/2012   By Rodan_MasterReviewer Rank: 2

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The first Moetama was an incredibly fun mix of a visual novel and a quiz game. You were presented with 50 increasingly hard logic based questions and for every 10 you completed you'd unlock a CG image. Moetama Z takes everything from the first and makes it better. Risa and Mimiko are back with more questions (60) and twice more CGs (12). Like the previous game, the questions can get pretty hard (especially to a Gaijin like me....) but now there's a difficulty selector and a hint system to help the player out.

Overall Moetama Z! is an awesome sequel to an already awesome game. Definitely recommended if you like a game that makes you think.

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