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Tomboy Princess Lidel's Adventure
Tsurupeta Kenkyujo
$7.68 / 864JPY
Little princess Lidel sets off to test her valor! Hilarious & exciting action puzzle game. Suitable for all ages.
Inc. VoiceInc. Music3DCG
  • Release: May/30/2011
  • Purchased: 9x

Pickup!Squash the competition!

May/11/2012   By Sutorippu

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First and foremost: don't let this game's all-ages rating fool you! Tomboy Princess Lidel's Adventure is in fact a slightly ecchi revival of a classic arcade game with a cosplay and moe touch! Heroine Princess Lidel is asked by her father to make her way across the land to challenge opponents, mostly members of the clandestine Tsurupeta Clan, and prove her bravery and womanhood. When she meets an opponent along the way, she is put to the test in a field of blocks and a number of cute female enemies. She must defeat her enemies by pushing the blocks and squashing the girls between them, while avoiding touching enemies or getting smashed herself. Enemies aren't squashed as such, however; instead, being pressed between blocks renders the enemies totally naked. If Lidel is touched by an enemy, she is stripped to her underwear. A second touch or being squashed by a block will cause her to lose a life. The stage is cleared when you have squashed all the enemies, and you move on to the next, though despite there being a number of enemies to face, there isn't much variance in their strategy. Although there are many stages to the game, you're given the option to save once you've completed a stage so that you don't have to start from the beginning if you lose.

With the current craze of moe-love among otaku, I'm amazed this game isn't more popular. The artwork is astounding and adorable, and the game is fun and incredibly humorous as well as challenging. As to the nudity in the game, it isn't explicit and seems to be done more for comedic effect. Still, the age rating is a tad deceptive since there are a few perverted jokes and situations in the cutscenes, although there is nothing sexual. Even so, for lovers of loli and moe and off-color humor set amongst a familiar playstyle in a game that's extremely easy to get into, here is your game.

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