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$3.80 / 432 JPY | 40pt (10% back)
50 total HD original illustrations - girls in glasses, cat ears, etc.
  • Release: Apr/13/2011
  • DL: 3

Pickup!Very pretty

May/10/2011   By PapersamuraiReviewer Rank: Top 50

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Overall I really like this set. It's a nice change of pace from what I usually download. There's nothing hard-core here. The whole thing can just be called a pretty-girl showcase where you can just look and appreciate them and get a feel for a personality. While the character's bodies and faces vary VERY little, the outfits are varied and creative. The art is also well rendered with a mix of hatch shading and color shading.

Overall, if you want lotsa colorful pics of pretty girls, the value is there. If you want something more hard-core, then I'd pass. Still, I'd keep sharp on this circle. There's some good art here.

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