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Knightmare mechanics
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Code G*ass stylized mecha design + original "knightmare" works.
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  • Release: Dec/28/2010
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Pickup!Knightmares Remade

Aug/05/2011   By Taihen HentaiReviewer Rank: Top 50

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Truly a work from a master who knows his Knightmares from his own wooden horse from childhood. With this product, the artist allows us to see some possible designs for the other Knightmares for the knights of the round (Nonnette Enne*gram, Dorothea Er*st, Monica Krusz*wski) as well as some redesigns of the Vincent and Lancelot. It, to me, is very had to ignore this level of quality at this low of a price. Any code geass or mecha otaku will enjoy it, and others might get other ideas from it.

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