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Hatsune Integral
$2.92 / 324 JPY
M*ku Hatsune rages across the country with a one-handed uzi! Cute, fun action platformer game.
  • Release: Dec/16/2010
  • DL: 5

Pickup!A fun little $4 shooter

Dec/20/2010   By LP RecordReviewer Rank: Top 50

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A simple little game in which everyone's favorite V*caloid trades music for pumping lead into cute cartoony characters in an effort to cover all of Japan with leeks. (A noble quest if ever there was one.) Jump around, shoot, and get to the exit of the level.

An upgrade mechanic is present, where you take the coins earned by shooting enemies and buy a quicker firing rate, more health, or more bullets per clip. (Essential for the two bosses.)

It's quite a short game, and very forgiving (death just means you restart the level), particularly if you attack the birds on the third level (northern Kyushu) over and over again to get tons of cash for upgrades.

There's a few annoying bugs if you go exploring a bit more than the developer intended (with some dedication and wall-jumping I found myself outside a level with no way in but to quit and restart) but only on a few levels. The auto-save feature alleviates the pain of that mistake fairly well, letting you quit and not lose much progress.

To summarize: Four bucks for an hour of cute retro platforming fun. Worth it? Depends on your opinion of four bucks, I guess. There's definitely free Flash games out there that tread similar ground, including ones that do it better, but what can I say? I'm a sucker for a cute, silly game.

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