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Genius Scientist: Bioruru
Kanagawa Electrotechnics Laboratory
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Move the various "elements" into a beaker to create a mixture preparation. A fun puzzle game.
  • Release: Dec/06/2010
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Pickup!Short, but fun & unique puzzle game

Sep/30/2016   By Neon HenchmanReviewer Rank: Top 50

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GS:B is a puzzle game that uses a very fascinating mechanic, the power of chemistry. You handle various elements spewing out of taps, each with their own physics, and you draw to make chutes to lead the particles, making boxes to mix two types and producing new chemical compounds, and filling every beakers with a specific color; it's all self-explanatory.

Part of the challenge is that you have to combine colors in a certain order, using elements sparingly, be wary of unwanted particles, and you should keep in mind the way you're going to draw, as elements you would put in a reserve might get in the way later. Also worth noting that you can use a bigger brush, and pull out a stick that moves the particles a bit, so to speed up the process.

It felt like I was a scientist, connecting all the beakers and making concoctions, it was a really unique and fun experience.

However, since there's no time limit, there's a lack of challenge sometimes, and there wasn't much variety in the hazards and tools; there were only portals and the red glass. Puzzle games are at their best when they use their limited assets in inventive ways, and when the gameplay gets frantic.

There's only 25 levels, which are solved way too fast. I was hoping that they were just some lengthy tutorials and that the real game would start, and then, it ended after about 1h30, it felt like it was a prototype for a much bigger product.

Despite that, the game does have good level design to stay fresh, such as shoving yellows through tight pipes and up empty pockets to separate them from the reds, and the way the elements are laid out has you take caution in your playstyle.

Regardless of the few issues I have, this game is in such of a good standing that I'd be looking forward its sequel. Genius Scientist: Bioruru is a very interesting game, worth trying by anyone who look for new subgenres of puzzle games.

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