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Copyright-free BGM FULL Collection Vol.2
$28.80 / 3,240JPY
FULL Collection Vol.2 is a compilation of 3 released volumes.
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Pickup!A Game Music Pack for Indie Developers

Nov/08/2011   By redpandagamesReviewer Rank: 3

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If you are making an independent game project for an RPG, 2D fighter, or visual novel, you will likely be able to use some, if not most of these tracks. The tracks are usually about 2 minutes in length, and have enough variety to provide for a complete range of emotions and experiences.

Volume 4 seems a little more RPG oriented to me. Many of the tracks could easily be imagined on JRPG games for the Playstation 1, so they seem a little bit retro at this point. There are 10 tracks which range from being sad, upbeat, battle/action, RPG field (happy day/light). There is also one track which seems to have a Spanish playa (beach) feel to it.

Volume 5 is similar to volume 4. It contains what sound like RPG battles, a few motivational / positive tracks and an out of place organ piece which is great for me because I have one scene with a church in it. The instruments range from flutes, to organs, and even a drum or drum machine piece. There is also an eerie track if you need a piece of scary music for your game.

Volume 6 is a little bit different. It has one track which sounds kind of snake charmer like or Egyptian. It also has a few humor/gag/fool tracks which are good for any scenes if you have a character that is a buffoon or just need something for more light-hearted moments. It also has some upbeat/light tracks and one sad/melancholy one.

I ended up labeling a lot of the tracks because if you can't read Japanese, the names aren't going to be of much use to you. Ultimately, the pack should have enough material to make a complete game with a great atmosphere.

The only downside is that some of the tracks seem a little bit noisy to me. You can download the free trials at each of the available links to check each volume before you purchase the pack.

Overall, I would recommend this pack for any developer on an audio budget that needs to make a game.

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