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Hatori.Aoi CG Works Vol.2
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Game characters and original characters CG image collection.
CG / IllustrationsHTML + Image
  • Release: Oct/07/2010
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a little CG Collection

Feb/18/2014   By MiragecgReviewer Rank: Top 50

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This is a 13 image CG Collection in HTMl+JPG.

There is some sketches, some original drawings and some from well known games (Street F*ghter Series, King of F*ghter Series).
There is some sexy shots too, but don't worry nothing NSFW ;)

The art is... Hmmm... well, some are good (very good even).
There is some with very nice colors.

Overall, it's not a bad 100 yen CG Collection.
There is a couple of CGs that are very nice (i like those ^^)

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