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2029. Unleash the "Heavy Doll" HD-01 weapon on revolting manmade life-forms! Action shooting game!
Doujin GameShooterExecutable Filewith Musicwith Trial Version
  • Release: Sep/20/2010
  • DL: 21
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Pickup!Enjoyable mech shooter

Mar/03/2014   By xexedReviewer Rank: 4

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A very enjoyable 2d action shooter with mechs. In each stage you need to destroy a certain number of stationary enemies in order to unlock the exit. You can switch between two weapons,and after several stages there is a boss and then you go to the next world. It feels much like an early super nintendo game, supports gamepads (I'm using an xbox 360 controller), and supports fullscreen with smooth scrolling.

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