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Sakura Saki 7
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A love comedy about the happenings at a certain academy.
  • Release: Aug/17/2010
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Pickup!The Series is Still Going Strong

Feb/13/2012   By Rodan_MasterReviewer Rank: 2

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MANAM's Love Comedy Sakura Saki continues with chapter 7. Chapter 7 picks up after Aoi just confessed her love to Yuuki. This chapter everyone goes to visit Saki who is home sick.

As with the previous volumes, the art is quite good and by now should be very familiar to the readers. The story continues to be quite good and stays quite engaging. Although romances manga of this type are quite common, Sakura Saki manages to stay original enough to stand out.

Anyways I'd highly recommend this to those who liked the previous volumes or are looking for a good, long doujin series.

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