User reviews for "Digital Steel Remake - Red Eyed Brothers of Ishval"

Digital Steel Remake - Red Eyed Brothers of Ishval
$2.87 / 324JPY
Comedic stories themed on Fullm*tal Alch*mist featuring Scar and his brother.
Older Brother
  • Release: Jul/21/2010
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Pickup!Short but funny.

Nov/01/2011   By Skeleton SnaxReviewer Rank: Top 50

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Even though it's short, it makes up for it in it's humor. Just like the Armstrong Family, you don't need spoken dialogue to know what's going on. And with the main focus being about Scar and his Brother, you see some cute humor.

On top of that, theres even a few jokes with the Elrics that add to the diversity of the authors 4-koma style including a few color pages and a joke with Scar's brother transmuting himself into chocolate.

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