User reviews for "Standing postures for game creation Vol. 1 and 2"

Standing postures for game creation Vol. 1 and 2
Blue Forest
$8.73 / 972 JPY | 90pt (10% back)
This is a collection of raw imagery for use in game and website creation.
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  • Release: Jul/14/2010
  • DL: 69
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Several high school sprites with different poses

May/22/2016   By redpandagamesReviewer Rank: 2

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Each character in the pack has a different pose from the other and a different hair style, so the character variety is good. It is easy to change the color of the hair and uniforms, etc by using a paint program. Otherwise, you can simply use the pre-rendered sprites. There are also bonus characters included that match the event scenes. It is also possible to change the line style for each character.

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