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Sayurin the Witch's Magical Quest
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Shooting game / action RPG in one!
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  • Release: Jul/08/2010
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Definitely worth it at this price!

Feb/17/2014   By xexedReviewer Rank: 7

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If you are a fan of colorful scrolling shooter or action RPGs you should definitely pick this title up... especially at this price. The artwork is not hi-res, but it is wonderfully done. There is an RPG aspect to the game (talking to various characters to unlock new areas), but so far it seems that you should be able to get through it even if you don't speak japanese. My only wish is that it had some sort of vsync option, because there can be visible screen tearing. Still, at this price you can't go wrong!

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Pickup!Excellent Action Shooting Game

Aug/27/2013   By dreammeenReviewer Rank: Top 50

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In this game you play as Sayuri, from K*non in a quest to help Mai her friend from same game.

Sayurin has only one basic move which is to shoot her magical ball? and you will find that Sayurin always fly, this has merits and drawbacks the same time. The Story and Puzzle are great points in the game, you will not only adventure but need to solve puzzles on the way of the story and with all characters full voice it's great, oh yeah the character is cute too (lol).

Summary this is a great game with the price only 105 yen.

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Pickup!An Excellent Shooting Game with RPG Elements

Feb/03/2012   By Rodan_MasterReviewer Rank: 2

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Mahouko Sayurin is a Scrolling Shooter with RPG elements mixed in. The characters I believe are from the Key VN Kanon, however I've never played Kanon or watched the Anime adaptations so I'm not sure.

Anyways the basic gameplay is exactly what you'd expect from a scrolling shooter: you shoot stuff (lol). However it gets a bit more complicated as you'll notice you also gather EXP and money, two obvious RPG elements (with rather self-explanatory purposes). In addition you have an inventory wherein eventually you'll have multiple weapons (set to 1 of 3 buttons) and plenty of other healing items, etc... In addition unlike other shooting games you can (and have to) explore the level rather than just constantly moving forward (puzzles, dialogues, etc...). In addition to all of this the game is quite competently fully voiced (a big plus, especially if your kanji reading skills are low like mine).

Anyways put all this together and you have an awesome game. Given the fact that this is a measly 105 yen, I don't see how anyone could pass this up. Even if you're not familiar with the characters (from Kanon), you will no doubt be able to enjoy this excellent game.

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Pickup!Action Shooting RPG with a Language Barrier

Aug/31/2010   By GrowcianReviewer Rank: Top 50

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Sayurin the Witch's Magical Quest [Sayurin] is a 2D shooter *and* an action RPG. The main objective of the game is to look for Sayurin's friend Mai, who was kidnapped.

[Sayurin]'s characters are from [K*non]. It also features brief but hilarious appearances by other famous video game characters. While the game doesn't require the player to have prior knowledge of [K*non], knowing a little something about it does help with solving some puzzles.

The main problem non-Japanese speakers will face when playing [Sayurin] is the language barrier. A large part of the fun with [Sayurin] is solving the clever puzzles which have hints given out by various NPCs or even by Sayurin herself. There are also puzzles which must be solved by reading the contents of a note, and then reading a book to interpret what the note actually means. Without knowing what these characters said or not knowing how to read Japanese, a lot of the fun of playing the game is diminished.

Despite having a language barrier, [Sayurin] is a good game. As stated already, it has clever and interesting puzzles. The game is structured well, so the player can see what kind of progress is being made by 1.) Looking at Sayurin's personal statistics rising and 2.) Seeing how many allies she picks up throughout the course of the adventure. The characters having voices also adds to the charm of the game.

As for the action part, there isn't any intense action. While there's some amount of action involved with eliminating enemies and avoiding physical contact with them, it's not the kind of action which requires lightning fast reflexes or perfect execution. The game is accessible to human beings and not just super heroes.

I would recommend [Sayurin] provided the player interested in playing it has the means to overcome the language barrier and is interested in a cute 2D action RPG.

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