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Alternative, industrial, electro, techno Touhou arrangements.
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  • Release: Jun/16/2010
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Great Album

Apr/09/2012   By Lazy Reviewer

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Great for listening when on a lazy afternoon.

Track Number: 1
Track Title: Chisana Chisana Kenshou
Artist: sovaudon
Starts off easy, picks up speed near the end.
Song rating: 7.0/10

Track Number: 2
Track Title: Cinderella Cage - Kagome Kagome
Artist: Kajiya
Gets awesome about halfway through. Great ending.
Song rating 7.5/10

Track Number: 3
Track Title: Nakioujo no Tame no Septet
Artist: Houreisen
Best song in the album. Overall amazing.
Song rating: 8.5/10

Track Number: 4
Track Title: Koiiro Master Spark
Artist: Houreisen
Makes me feel a mixture of calm and sadness.
Song Rating: 7.0/10

This album is worth a listen in my opinion.

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