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Bloody Chronicle Complete Edition
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Game music rearranged into beautiful hard rock versions.
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  • Release: Jun/06/2010
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This album contains most of the vocal songs from the Bloody Chronicle albums, along with some of the instrumentals.

Try the "free demo" to check out the crossfade track of several album tracks! If you haven't heard many (or any) Jill's Project songs, the crossfade is great for a taste. As I haven't found another band like them, I won't bother to tell you what genres I think Jill's Project is in: just listen! A sign of a talented band is that no one song - or even a handful - can define them.

The songs in this album vary greatly in style; the only thing they have in common is that they all move fast. Some are harder than others... some have gentler melodies... but they're all strong and fast. And, for M*lty Blood, they should be!

The Ladybeast of the Moon is a favourite of many: this is probably the 'slowest' song out of the bunch, and it uses that slower flow to build up to a cry.
Basilical and Anything Natural are perhaps the most melodical.
Homidice Intention and Violence Roar (my favourite!) are probably the strongest feeling.
In the Future and Beside the Corpse are an amazing mix of both melody and strength.

In contrast to the songs, the instrumental tracks are generally gentler and subtle. The exception is Fairy tale transparently, which is more forceful. Even if you like fast, strong music, you'll need these gentler tracks to help you appreciate the faster ones! They're also beautiful in their own right.

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