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Futakira 3 + SKIT
$1.97 / 216 JPY
A story about Yay*i and I*ri. Part 3 + bonus
  • Release: May/14/2010
  • DL: 2

Pickup!An Awesome IdolM@ster Doujin

Feb/06/2012   By Rodan_MasterReviewer Rank: 2

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Dadachamame's Futakira is a series of Doujin about Yay*i and I*ri from the IdolM*ster series. In the volume Iori and Yayoi must do everything together for a period of time (as their fingers are tied to together) in order to help them pass an audition against Kuroipro.

The art in this Doujin is excellent, truly excellent. Yay*i and I*ri both look great; exceptionally cute. The Producer is drawn in a rather comical manner and this is acceptable given that the Producer doesn't actually have a given appearance in the games. Other characters do appear, but only briefly (Takane, Hibiki, Ami and Mami). The story itself is very cute and entertaining. The scenes of I*ri and Yay*i together are just too cute.

Overall I'd definitely recommend this any IdolM*ster fans whom like Yay*i and I*ri. Unfortunately the earlier volumes don't appear to be available on the site, albeit this story is pretty self contained and I doubt the volumes have much of an ongoing story so it should be fine to just skip to Volume 3.

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