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Fu-Otome Road 2
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The second episode is about the swimwear!
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  • Release: Dec/22/2009
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Feb/03/2012   By Rodan_MasterReviewer Rank: 2

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Fu-Otome Road by Tomihero is a 4-coma manga series about 2 Fujoushi girls ("Fuotome" as they prefer to be called). Anyways in volume 2 Haru and Hina go to the pool, however when it is revealed that she doesn't know how to swim the guy she likes, Hiro, teaches her.

The art in this series is really quite awesome (as with all of Tomihero's works). The characters all look great (especially Hina who's just adorable). The dialogue and situations are rather clever and funny. However the humor is a bit different from the first volume and doesn't focus quite as much on the fact that the girls are Fujoushi.

In all Fu-Otome Road is a worthy purchase for anyone looking to read a funny Doujin. A must buy for anyone who liked the first volume or any other of Tomihero's works.

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