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Tiny breasted girls in the world of breast-ism
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Two girls are forced to live like a slave because they have tiny breasts.
  • Release: Oct/12/2009
  • DL: 3

Pickup!Different and Funny

Feb/20/2012   By Rodan_MasterReviewer Rank: 1

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"Tiny Breasted Girls in the World of Breastism" is a somewhat absurdist comedy Doujin manga about two girls (Rika and Youko) whom are discriminated against for their small breast size.

The art in this doujin is pretty decent; not great but since this is just supposed to be a somewhat absurd comedy the art really isn't the focus. What makes this manga shine is it's incredibly weird but original concept. I've never heard of such an odd story before and that alone makes this manga quite worth reading. Overall the situation portrayed in an intentionally overly melodramatic way and in turn comes off as quite hilarious.

I'd recommend this manga to anyone looking for something really different, original and a bit weird.

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