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$12.83 / 1,404 JPY
More than 30 default characters and 10 hidden characters from CAGE are featured.
  • Release: Oct/06/2009
  • DL: 11

Pickup!Ultimate Retro Shmup!

Dec/14/2010   By AlsagozReviewer Rank: Top 50

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CAGESTG is the ultimate retro shmup in the style of Star Soldier series and Summer Carnival '9X which contain time-limited score attack mode. English-translated document is weak. The graphics and musics are intentionally made to look and sound like a 8-bit game without any real engine's flaws such as lag and flickering when the sprite count is too high. I could say that the game will not be nostalgic without this feature. The fast-paced score breaking gameplay is where it shines. In Coop Mode, you can control one to four characters at the same time in many different formations. You can also play Coop Short Mission which resembles the three-stages trial version but with more stages to choose. Ghost Mode is basically the time-limited play in which each character create its copy that imitates the previous control upon death or timeout. The Extermination contains 3 or 5 miniutes attack, Vengeance as the survival game, and selectable stages which could be play in Ghost Mode. The gimmick in this game is plenty. Each character has her own features from many retro games such as R-Type's Force and Power meter of gradius. The scoring system in the game is not too complicated and it is cumulative with the total firepower. With over 30 characters and many modes to unlock, the replayability is high enough for the price of this game. Overall, this game is brilliant and could be considered one of the best retro shmup ever!

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