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AceSpeeder2 Origin
$7.51 / 864 JPY  >> $3.75 / 432 JPY | 12pt (Point 3%)
This is an exciting racing game where you ride an antigravity vehicle and race around the tracks!
Doujin GameActionExecutable Filewith Music3D artworkwith Trial Version
  • Release: Sep/15/2009
  • DL: 10
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Pickup!This gem deserves more notability.

Jan/25/2015   By artheux

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I used to play the Ace Speeder DEMO when I was a kid. By that time here in Brazil, we used to have a magazine that came with a CD that had a lot of demos and flash games. You could find a lot of gems in there. And one of them, was the demo of Ace Speeder. Even though it only had three levels, I used to play it all the time on my Windows XP. This is a really fun futuristic racing game and it deserves more notability. It should be at least on Steam!

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A good DLC

Nov/01/2011   By Darkspartan17Reviewer Rank: Top 50

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Ace Speeder 2 is already a decent racing game, this DLC on the other hand is really good. The maps are very well done while the graphics are not AAA their designs are excelllent. Fun to play.

I highly recommend that you download this DLC if you like this game, you won't be disappointed and it doesn't cost a lot.

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