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Alice Tales -experiment edition-
$7.68 / 864JPY
Masashi Okazaki who runs Jill's Project has turned songs released in Alice*oft works into beautiful hard rock versions.
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  • Release: Dec/03/2008
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Pickup!Rance gets remixed!

Oct/13/2009   By Crimson

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I stumbled across the S*ngoku Rance game, and man what a find it was! Not only did it have a fun, simple battle system, I was shocked by the quality of music in the game. It's addicting, really, so I was very pleased to find some great covers by Jill's Project, which I guess are the only ones around... There are only five tracks, but I like the added vocals, and since it's cheap it's not a bad deal. My favourite track is their version of "A calmly wind." It's beautiful as it is, but adding a rock spin to it is great.

Honestly, it may not be the best album out there, but it's the only one I've come across that pays tribute to the Rance games, so get what you can find!

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