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Tsutomu Soft
$5.74 / 648JPY
GUNMAIDS is a side-scrolling shoot 'em up game. Six levels and one ending included.
Inc. Music
MaidAnimal Ears
  • Release: Nov/30/2008
  • Purchased: 3x

Pickup!just trying games and seeing how they are

Dec/31/2009   By bahamut29

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I downloaded this game on a whim and I found that this game though it has its faults it is verrrrry addictive because you have a maximum of 3 cute but lethal maids at your disposal to shoot the everliving crap out of various enemies that are throne at you maybe they need there rooms cleaned or they haven't had a good home cooked meal I don't know but it was fun while it lasted and when I get enough money or points I will most likely download the full version for the fact that you can only pick one of the three maids due to the fact that IT'S ONLY A DEMO

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