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The Story of Princess Cut DX
Oboro&Tempo Gensui Do
$8.88 / 972 JPY
The Story of Princess Cut DX is a 4-panel manga (comic) and illustration book featuring the yuri (lesbian) everyday of Princess Cut from the stand-alone Tenpou Gensui book, Choia!
  • Release: Jul/29/2008
  • DL: 2

A very cute, tame comic for the shoujo-ai lover

Sep/01/2008   By Moonvamp

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This is a collection of four panel comics centering on Princess Cut from Choia, and if you're expecting any hardcore action from this one, forget it. This is pure cuteness at its tamest, and that's not a bad thing at all. Each panel showcases each character perfectly with adorable dialogue and situations. Some excellent linework to boot. There's also a special section at the end with different artists paying tribute to the character. If you want some utterly cute shoujo-ai, look no farther than this.

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