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$4.79 / 540JPY
The 1st CG image collection from Kinoshita Ichi, including 20 unreleased materials.
Big Breasts
  • Release: Jul/27/2008
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Pickup!A really nice CG Collection

Apr/11/2013   By MiragecgReviewer Rank: Top 50

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This is a 20 images + 6 Wallpaper CG Collection.
This collection mostly focus on breast (all size but mostly big), and their cleavage, and also on panties ^^
You'll see a differeng girls, in different cosplay (Maid, Bunny Girl, Nurse, Kimono, China dess, Nekomimi etc...). There isn't anything adult, just plain and simple sexy and cute.
All the images come in jpg, but also in Bmp with a high resolution.

The art is really good. Everything is well drawn and detailed with very nice colors.

Overall, a very good CG Collection with really good content.
Even if it's a G-rated, it's sexy enough!

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