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A high speed fighting game unfolds on a stage set on the artificial island aquapolis, "Axel City"!
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  • Release: Nov/13/2007
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Sep/22/2011   By Tunderhorn

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As a doujin game, it is well done. The characters are well drawn, as the cutscenes are.

In some fights (Agito for instance) the opponent stays in one side of the screen and won't move, increasing his Axel Gauge and then just punches in the wind when you come to him/her.

One the other hand, Reydey, and others, move well and fight without waiting.

The roster is nice and the ambiance is great, served well by the story artwork.

As a conclusion, it is really a good doujin fighting game.

Good fighting games are rare on the computer, and this one is a good doujin fighting game.

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