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This is an exciting racing game where you ride an anitgravity vehicle and race around the tracks!
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  • Release: Jul/18/2007
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Ace Speeder 2 : Unknown Racer

Oct/21/2011   By Darkspartan17Reviewer Rank: Top 50

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At first, I didn't know this game but one day my friend told me about it so I decided why not give it a try ?

Ace Speeder 2 is a fun racing game to play the gameplay is pretty good and simple you must race the course in a specific amount of lap while trying to finish in first place. Just like a F-Zero game you have a boost power and a futuristic genre.

Overall, Ace Speeder 2 is a decent racing game it has his flaw but it is worth trying at least once.

Ace Speeder 2 for me get a 7 out of 10

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