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Rainy Days
Hobby Atelier Carrot Wine
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Hobby Atelier Carrot Wine offers a BGM collection for dating-sim game. As the title says, the concept of this album is rain.
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  • Release: Nov/30/2006
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Apr/20/2018   By OrikanekoiReviewer Rank: 7

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This album is just wonderful. All compositions are associated with rain: drizzle, rain, heavy rainfall ... This is displayed in the title.
I like this product. It is ideal for romantic and daily scenes in my visual novel.
Many thanks to the composer for such wonderful music.

Besides this album, the author also has other compositions, I sincerely advise you to get acquainted with other works of the author and purchase them. They are ideal for casual visual novels about romantic relationships, ordinary life and drama.

The recording quality is also very good, even though it's mp3.

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