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Fox and Hounds 3
$7.70 / 864JPY
7th volume (Part 3) in the Vulcan series featuring Rukawa and Hanamichi.
  • Release: Apr/07/2010
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happy ending to ST series

Sep/13/2015   By feebeeReviewer Rank: Top 50

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In this volume part 3, Hanamichi showed his good heart and determination of helping others, comparing to him Rukawa appeared to be more articulate and self-possessed leader. There is a little boy looks like mini version of Rukawa.
There are stories about other characters and Rukawa & Hanamichi here more like supporting actors.
Shining part was in the end of this story, Hanamichi acting active to share the quiet moment with Rukawa after return, its such a happy ending for the whole Star Trek series.

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