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E Gap
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S*AYERS doujinshi, feat. Ri* and others.
  • Release: Oct/26/2006
  • DL: 10
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A safe for work Slayers dojin

Jan/09/2017   By Czerwieniec-kun

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Circle Ginmomodou/E-gap presents a non-hentai Slayers doujin, featuring the usual cast: Lina Inverse, Amelia Seryuum and so on. Thos dojin has about thirty (30) pages, and as the title and cover suggests, is about our heroes having some fun on he beach. As a non-hentai dojin, it is heavy on plot, with a lot of text to read. Any fan of classic Slayers dojin, should check this one out, and it is safe to read in public :)

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