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Apricot vol.01
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Apricot is the first installment in the series focusing on feminine underclothing. 40 images (10 main x 4 alternate).
  • Release: Jul/27/2006
  • Purchased: 6x

Cute, non-nude, lingerie-themed CG collection

Nov/17/2008   By Burnit

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Apricot vol.01 is nothing more than pics of one girl trying on 6 different sets of lingerie and posing in different lighting around the room. There is absolutely no nudity or even sexually suggestive posing. The underwear isn't even particularly sexy but they aren't too conservative either. Cute is the best word I could describe them as. All of them have a flower theme as well and are your basic frilly and lacy underwear. They come in black, pink, blue, white, and orange.

The girl is very cute and the lingerie is cute but some of the angles they get in some of the lighting situations is just a little too dark and the pic loses a lot of detail. I can still appreciate what the artist was trying to do though.

If you are looking for some sexual poses or nudity this isn't the right product. This is softcore posing in very average lingerie. The pics would make excellent wallpapers if lingerie is a fetish of yours and you don't want something hardcore on a slideshow screensaver or wallpaper though.

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