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Til May. 15, 10 a.m. (JST) Copyright-free Sound Source - For dating simulation game (w/extra sound effects)
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A pack of tracks which is best to be used for dating simulation game or as BGM of your web site. A total of 30 tracks, MP3 format.
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  • Release: Mar/06/2006
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Best BGM deal ever !

Sep/18/2016   By SalamoReviewer Rank: 3

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Never had I felt so happy when listening to a bgm pack. T.M. Bach did an amazing job, not only writing really catchy pieces, but also playing them in a spirit really close to dating games.
The 4 end credit bgm will fit perfectly for credits, the 10 scenes and normal bgm will bring joy and tears to those playing your game while the loops and jingle will definitely be useful for menus and interface.
At such a price, you cannot miss this gem !

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